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  • Pavel Litvinko

    Pavel Litvinko

    CEO & Co-Founder at Voice apps maker.

  • Ramin Zamani

    Ramin Zamani

    VP, MindFire Agency

  • Diana Bergey

    Diana Bergey

    web developer, reader, musician, tall person. married to @octolilly, begat @bouncydrew and @wigglyamelia.

  • Francesco Montoleone

    Francesco Montoleone

  • shabnam gideon

    shabnam gideon

    i hike, eat real food, play ultimate, drink beer, and do ux strategy @focuslabllc

  • Chris Oslund

    Chris Oslund

    Writing about trying to make software that changes people.

  • Mobbty


  • Courtney Beyer

    Courtney Beyer

    Swimming through life - pattern designing

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