Welcome to Trove: A Stronger Way to Connect

As the Internet continues to expand around the world and onto all of our devices, it’s never been easier to connect with someone, but there is also a growing disconnect about what it means to have a connection. Undoubtedly, our online networks are beginning to get too big; hundreds of friends on Facebook, 500+ connections on LinkedIn, an ever-growing list of autofill email addresses and saved numbers on our phones. At some point, our online networks have become more of a Rolodex, and seemingly there is no way to convert our vast online contacts into a valuable network.

If you think about your entire history on the Internet, there is at least one constant — email. There are 100x more emails sent every day than queries entered into Google. 200B emails are sent every day; email is the largest data set with the most history on the Internet. Email is the most valuable data set any business has, and yet extracting real value from it has eluded us for over 20 years.

To build the AI communications platform of the future, you have to start by understanding relationships and the meanings behind the messages in email.

Today, Trove is announcing a stronger way to connect. Not only can you see how Trove’s AI can surface your real professional network, but you can build teams to connect your network with people you trust, providing the foundation for better connected teams, businesses and enterprises. By forming a team in Trove, it’s possible to be one step removed from hundreds-of-thousands of people that you know you have a real connection to. You can ask Trove “who do we know at ACME Corporation?” or “What investor do we know in Chicago?” and surface meaningful connections from across teams of any size.

What exists in Trove today exists nowhere else. Our patent-protected AI technologies go deep on not just surfacing your real network, but providing context around every contact. Trove can tell you the strength of your relationship to any person, who introduced you, which people in your network have connected you to the most people, whether you are waiting on a response or owe a response to a contact, and much, much more.

As a bonus, we thought you might enjoy a much cleaner inbox. Forwarding emails and long email threads are no fun for anyone. We’ve developed Sidebar chat in Trove to allow you to @ mention your team members on any email to start a conversation in context vs. forwarding and replying back and forth one message at time. These Sidebar conversations can stay attached to the email forever or you can set a time limit for when the conversation should disappear. With Trove, you can take a 12 email thread and turn it into 1 email with Slack-like chat messages attached. Now you’ll have far less risk of committing the dreaded accidental reply-all to the wrong people. You’re welcome!

Trove only has one goal — to deliver technology that activates the data you already own. Trove will never sell your data. Trove comes with deep privacy controls and principals. You can begin to explore Trove’s ethos and principles on our Trust webpage, as well as throughout this blog. We also welcome your inquiries and feedback.

Stop blindly building up a contact list and start understanding your relationships. With Trove, individuals, teams, and entire businesses can discover their true network, recognize the most influential people within their network, discuss and collaborate on email messages while reducing Inbox bloat, and receive deep insights that no other email provider or enterprise tool can provide.

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