Why I don’t need an iPhone 12 mini, but am buying one anyway.

Some complain Tim Cook is tone deaf for showcasing Apple’s incredible “space ship” headquarters in product launches. I don’t think so. Even my eleven year old said “I want to work there when I grow up” as we watched the iPhone 12 event this week. Highlighting how the space they invested in so massively is empty acknowledges the moment we are in very well. Nobody, not even Apple, could have fully anticipated where we are.

Even still, their focus is on the future and where we are going. The simple message is it won’t be this way forever, nor will it be like it was before. Or in Apple’s lexicon: Courage.

The eleven year olds out there will grow up and get their chance to make a dent in the Universe. They’ll want great devices and apps to do it. Why bother making those plans now though? Should we just “wait for it, wait for it?” Not a chance. The iPhone 12 mini is the better “pocket fit” I’ve wanted for years but, alas, we have nowhere to go… yet. So, why am I ordering it when my original iPhone X still works great? Because where we are is not where we’re going. As I recently wrote about at work, we are simply in the space between — between the way things ‘used to be’ and the way things are ‘about to be.’

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recommends now is the time to make our plans. It’s the right time to intentionally decide to allow some time between meetings and focus on scheduling our priorities. It’s the right time to invest for the long term, just like Microsoft did for years making their cloud office productivity suite and Microsoft Teams, both which are growing like crazy.

We can have a bright future. It can be even better than the past was — where flexible work environments thrive and people are more thoughtful. I’m excited to be intentionally planning how to be a better version of myself. Someone who is more intentional about with who and where I invest my energy. And more serious about my self care. No more ending a 14 hour workday and wondering if I even got anything done. I’ll be facing it all with an iPhone that fits slightly better in my pocket so when we can once again go bravely explore the world around us, I’ll be ready. That’s why I am buying a pocket-sized phone I don’t need, for all the places I plan to take my life next.